At Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London, we take pride in being able to offer a full-service solution to all our clients. When it comes to shipping, logistics and storage, we appreciate that not all the companies we deal with are equipped to handle these elements themselves. That’s why we’re so much more than just a regular exhibition stand design and build company. By being able to offer our clients the added benefit of secure and long term access to economic storage, that’s one less logistical element to worry about and means that you always have access to your bespoke exhibition stand whenever you need to re-use it.



We’re lucky enough to have access to a basic space of 3,500 square feet along with an additional capacity overflow warehouse facility as and when required. Conveniently and cost-effectively located in Kent with excellent links to all the major UK road, freight and airport links, your stand can be stored ready for shipping to any location required. While your hand built and customised exhibition stand is being safely and securely stored in our facility, it’s overseen by a dedicated Warehouse Manager and supported by a team of professional warehouse operatives with access to a project management system. That means that each and every item associated with your stand build can be properly accounted for. Whether that’s the frameworks or the flooring, any furniture you’re storing and other ancillary items, all the component parts associated with your personal stand are logged and detailed in a comprehensive inventory.


Following any exhibition you take part in, our project management team ensure that any re-useable elements from your stand are carefully transported back to our warehouse where they are cleaned if necessary before being logged back into the system and expertly packed away to ensure they don’t become damaged in storage. We also conscientiously take care of any recyclable materials as part of our dismantling service so that you can rest assured that not just your stand, but also the environment, is being cared for within the best of our abilities. With heavy duty racking and shelving as well as pallet space, your exhibition stand is stored as good as new. We are also covered by our comprehensive insurance policy with Towergate.


The Glass Shed fleet of experienced builders and drivers, along with your third-party affiliate partners, will ensure that your exhibition stand and all your promotional displays and branding materials are securely and safely packed and onwards transported to any UK or European location. We are also able to offer a global shipping and storage service as part of our extensive network of affiliate partners.


We understand the importance of first impressions and professional conduct at all times, which is why you will find that all the Glass Shed team members you interact with are themselves professional, polite and smartly presented. With long-standing relationships with many of UK’s most popular exhibition venues, event organiser personnel as well as their associated security and facilities teams, we are always completely up to speed on all relevant rules and regulations relating to those all-important health and safety requirements.


So for total peace of mind both before, during and after your latest event, you can rely on Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design to look after all your logistics needs, from storage to delivery and beyond. 



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We've been working with Glass-Shed for several years now and I see no reason to change. They always deliver a first class service from concept to design and through to hand over.

Caroline Hopkins