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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Exhibiting

For any size or type of business, trade shows are an amazingly effective way to spread brand awareness! They offer a brilliant opportunity to get your product out in front of a target audience and meet with current or potential clients. But there’s much more to it than reserving your space and signing on the dotted line. Here at Glass Shed we take pride in every aspect of Bespoke Exhibition Stand Design and so we’ve put together a list of some vital questions to ask yourself before you exhibit which will help you to get it right…

Why am I participating in this show?

People sign up for a trade show for a number of reasons: It can serve as a launching pad for new products or concepts, a way to build up your brand and distribution, a means of nurturing relationships or even a place to position your company for sale. Be clear about your motive and be sure it aligns with your business strategy.

Am I prepared for the show?

Preparing for a show well in advance can save you both time and money. If you sign up early you can take advantage of discounted rates, which can be considerably less than prices charged within 60 or 30 days of an event. If you follow a budget and timeline you won’t forget things. If you are disorganised it may lead to additional costs. Remember the design of your exhibition stand is key and so must be included in your budget as a priority!

Who am I targeting at the show?

A show might have tens of thousands of attendees but participants need to figure out who specifically they are targeting and how they plan on reeling them in. Look at how many of the attendees are potential buyers of your goods and services. By qualifying the type of people you hope to reach, you can plan your presence and exhibition stand more effectively.

How am I going to measure my attendance and presence at the show?

In addition to counting leads, it’s important to measure marketing impressions at the show. Just like you can see how many people view an ad in a magazine, you want to know how many people are viewing your exhibition stand at the show. The show organiser will help you with information about the numbers of people attending and the flow of people through the show which will help you can decide whether it's worth attending.

Am I familiar with the host city and venue?

When you’re planning your exhibition stand design and your presence at a show, it’s important to know about the city you’re visiting, as well as the rules and regulations of the convention centre, including the associated unions and contractors. This can help you stick to your budget and meet deadlines.

Have I backed up my presence through social media?

Keeping your customers informed about your company’s activities before, during and after the trade show is crucial. Consider posting tweets about why people should come see you at the show. Other relevant social media efforts can include blogging from the show floor, making regular updates on Facebook and posting videos of customers visiting your exhibition stand on your website.

What value can I offer to potential customers?

Consider incentives such at promotional items, free trials, a prize draw or a gift for stopping by your stand. Having something engaging and inviting is sure to bring more potential leads to your stand. People like to get involved and interact with something and the more engaging it is, the more people are likely to remember you.

Do I have a post-show plan?

Don’t let the money you have spent on your bespoke exhibition stand to go waste by being active after the event is over. In this competitive world, if you don’t respond to leads within two or three days, your competitors certainly will. Have a plan for following up with people immediately after the show is over.

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