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Double Decker Stands - Why Go Out When You Can Go Up?

There are some real benefits to making your Exhibition Stand a double-decker one and Glass Shed know all about the advantages of giving your bespoke stand the wow factor…

Your stand will be easy to spot.

Double decker stands give you the advantage of added prominence and visibility across a crowded show floor, helping to direct traffic to your exhibit. They are the ones that attendees notice first and with the right design they emit an effective gravitational pull.

Double your space without doubling your budget. Having a 2nd storey means you can maximize the amount of product displays, branding, interactive activity, and special design features for the same amount of floor space. It also provides additional room for seating areas, demos, or conference rooms without having to rent a larger floor space.

You Can Create a VIP Experience.

Why not dress up your second storey as an ‘executive suite’ area where VIPs can receive special treatment and have a comfortable location to retreat to for privacy.

It’s an Expansion of Your Design Canvas

Design specialists like Glass Shed can help you take advantage of your double decker’s prominent display with captivating graphics and visuals that work well from a higher sight line and add a large exclamation point to your company messaging.

Create a 'More than Before' Kind of Experience. With a double decker exhibition stand you’ve unlocked the opportunity to further customize the aesthetics of your space. Demo stations and seating areas can easily be incorporated to your space without sacrificing other exhibit elements.

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