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Before you book that stand, there are some important things to consider...

Before you book that stand, there are some important things to consider…

That irresistible offer of great exhibition space may seem tempting, but here are some important things to consider before you sign on the dotted line.

If you are being sold to, there is a deal to be done.

Just like print advertising, very few pay the rate card price. Make sure to cross-check the pricing, as well as looking at their layout to see how many stands are left available. All of this is leverage to negotiate the best price.

If you want to go a step further, check out the previous year’s exhibitor list and see if exhibitors are returning, again, it helps you see how much of a deal you can haggle.

Watch the extras…

You can make a lot of money from add-ons, just ask Ryanair. As a part of your contract, negotiate the key things you will need such as lighting and power. These add-ons can be as much as the stand itself, so make sure you know the costs before you sign your life away.

What is your goal…

Often people fail to exhibit successfully because they want to achieve too many things with one show. Have a clear objective for your stand and make sure that is clear on your branding, in your materials and the minds of your team.

Space… the final frontier.

Space is what you make it. Planning the use of space makes a whole world of difference to the conversations and visitors you’ll receive on your stand. It’s not simply about how beautiful the stand is, but how the stand is designed. This helps with the flow of people, presentation and demonstration of products. Perhaps you’ll even need a separate, private meeting space for your more interested visitors.

Don’t send people to sleep.

It’s important to have a space which is engaging and can draw a crowd. This should be your top priority when it comes to the design of the stand. Gaining buyer attention to attract them towards your stand is critical. Think about lighting, invisible boundaries and the use of multimedia to engage people at a distance.

Flow is everything.

Don’t face the wrong way. You’ll want a stand which is designed to be open to the flow of traffic. This won’t be immediately obvious from floor plans, so having an understanding of the flow of space will mean you’re able to adjust your designs accordingly. Ideally, you’ll want to have the highest exposure possible to passing footfall.

And to top it off…

Height plays a powerful part in ensuring you are seen. If you can maximise the height of your stand it will ensure you can be seen from a distance. For example, consider some overhead signage to attract visitors. You don’t have to use your branding, think about your key messages. Could they be utilised as a form of signage to gain attention?

If you’re considering exhibiting, we can help you to design and construct a stand designed to help you gain maximum attention.

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