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Choosing the right Trade Show

Exhibition Stand in London

So you've spoken to the team at Glass Shed Design Exhibition Stand London, and we've taken a full creative brief, understanding your overall marketing objectives so that we can create a fully bespoke exhibition stand for your business.

You can trust the experienced Glass Shed design team to get under the skin of your business, creating something that fulfills your practical functions while resonating with your brand identity.

Part of that process involves not only getting to know what makes you tick and understanding what sets you apart from your competition but also an appreciation of how, when, and where you plan to exhibit.

Choosing the right trade show

You've no doubt decided to venture into the wider world of exhibitions in 2020 so that you can expand and reach new audiences. However, it's not just that simple! But then, nothing worthwhile ever is! You need to make sure that you are targeting the right audiences and not wasting either your time, energy, or budget, where it won't yield results. Choosing the right trade show is the first step on your road to success.

Outlining your objectives

To do that, you first need to outline your overall objectives as, for sure, different trade shows will suit different needs. Whenever we begin work here at Glass Shed Design Exhibition Stand London with a new client, we ask them to consider what it is that they are looking to achieve from exhibiting. It could be one of many outcomes:

Launch a new product or service

Source new suppliers

Meet new clients

Interact face to face with existing customers

Build brand awareness

Do more business locally

Build longer-term strategic relationships

Or it may be a combination of the above. Once you're clear on those objectives, it's then a case of matching the profile of the trade shows to check that they meet with those objectives. Remember that trade shows are marketing themselves to customers too, and it's their goal to make their offer look as appealing as possible, so be sure to do your homework and read testimonials to ensure it's a good fit for your business. If you're looking to do local business, then a regional show will be more appropriate. In contrast, if you're launching a new product to market, then an industry procurement show would be more advantageous.

Do your research

For small to medium-sized businesses, investing in a trade show strategy can be a bit of a gamble at first and certainly uses up a chunk of your annual marking budget. So it's an excellent idea to do your research, gather your statistics and costs, and check that the visitor demographics match the of your ideal target audience.

Be industry specific

Our key recommendation is that you look for industry-specific trade shows if you have a more specialised product or service offer. That way, you have a better chance of standing out and gaining the attention of the key movers and shakers within that industry. Another top tip is to speak to your top customers and find out directly from them, which shows they regularly attend. You might uncover a few hidden gems that till now have remained a bit of an industry secret! There are plenty of online trade show finders and UK exhibition calendars you can refer to. Also, be cautious about signing up for a brand new show which is bound to be riskier than an already established one. Shows themselves need to develop trust and reputation within the industry to attract larger audiences year on year.

Check out the event publicity

With exposure and attendees in mind, we also recommend that you check in with the event organiser to find out what marking activity they have planned to raise awareness. Are you able to feature on the official show website or in any event literature that will help promote your attendance? How much news coverage did their previous event attract, and do they have plans to get behind the show that you plan to exhibit at with their own extensive PR and social media awareness?

Hopefully, this quick insight from Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London has provided you with useful background on how to choose the right trade show. If so, then why not get in touch with us today and take advantage of our no-quibble consultation service? We'd love to hear from you.