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Creative Event Signage Ideas from Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London

Exhibition Stand Design London

One of the most significant advantages of choosing a bespoke exhibition stand from Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London is that you can get creative with your signage. Signage can be helpful, not only reinforcing your brand identity, but also providing a means of education, entertainment, or delivering much needed instructions. It's vital that you consider all visual touchpoints and apply the same level of creative flair. Ensuring, just like your bespoke exhibition stand, that they represent your company's core values.

Why Is Signage Important At Events?

No matter how big or small your stand or the event that you are exhibiting at, the chances are that you will require some level of signage. If you're the conference organiser, then there's a lot more to consider. The bigger the conference or event, the clearer the signage needs to be. You will need to clearly display the following areas, among others:

  • Entrances and Exits, including Emergency ones

  • Registration points

  • Information points

  • Toilets

  • Mobile charging stages

  • Food and Drinks facilities

On your stand itself, you should consider:

  • Product or service branding

  • Social media handles and hashtags

  • Promotional offers

Elements To Consider When Choosing Event Signage

At Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London, we place significant importance on your design and branding and every element of our service offer from inception through to installation reflects your brand's personality traits and characteristics. That includes the creative event signage we produce.

Before we get started, we'll first ask you to consider the following questions.

1. What’s the purpose of the event?

Depending upon whether it's corporate or consumer, business, or a fundraiser, it will determine the type of signage required.

2. Where exactly is the event being held?

Indoors or out? This will have an impact on whether we need to create waterproof signage. Anything that's being used and displayed outside has to be made from durable and weatherproof materials.

3. Who is going to be attending the event?

Always, always have your audience in mind whenever you create an element of your exhibition stand. If you have valuable business clients coming down to see you, this is your opportunity to wow them.

4. What's the duration of the event?

If you're exhibiting at an event that's going to last longer than a couple of days or you know that you'll be attending similar events in the future, then it pays to invest in durable digital signage that will weather the test of time. With a digital display, you also have the flexibility to modify and amend the information to deliver more real-time and interesting updates.

5. How many of your competitors are going to be in the same space?

If you are vying for attention from clients in a cluttered and competitive environment, it's essential that you produce compelling and impactful signage that set's you apart. That's where Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London can help you stand out from the crowd.

Types Of Creative Stand Signage Available

From hanging banners to floor graphics, tables signs to ceiling displays, digital signs to vinyl wraps and also fun elements like branded balloons and graffiti walls, there are endless opportunities to display your brand creatively.

Sometimes it pays to think outside of the box. So use your imagination and don't be afraid to experiment with something totally different and unique. It could deliver the impact that you've been missing.

Why not get in touch with Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London today and take advantage of our no-obligation initial consultation service.