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Exhibition Stand Design in London - How to Ensure Your Brand Event is a Success?

Exhibition Stand Design in London

When it comes to exhibiting at brand events, there are two courses of action available. You can hire in specialists like Glass Shed Stand Exhibition Design London, or you can try and go it alone. If you are about to tackle the challenge yourself, bravo! Running a successful brand event is about so much more than having a well designed stand and some tasty snacks on offer.

Whether you’re courageously going solo or have sensibly decided to enlist our professional help, the first thing to get clear, way before you book that preliminary appointment with Glass Shed, is what your goals and objectives are.

People choose to exhibit at conferences and trade shows for a plethora of reasons; increasing sales and brand awareness being two of the most popular. In the end though, if you’re not driving a measurable business result, then you are very much missing the point.

Let’s delve in and take a look at our secrets to show success. These are proven tactics and strategies that absolutely work when it comes to ensuring your brand event generates the right results.

Step 1 - Make sure you are inviting the right people.

Sounds obvious right? However, if you don’t get to see the right people, you’ve no chance of ever turning an attendee into a customer. Customers have problems and you need to be a part of their solution. Sometimes they might not even know they’ve been facing a challenge until you’ve presented them with valuable insight into how to overcome it. Make sure you stand out from the crown by being solutions orientated.

Step 2 - Be laser targeted with your pre-show communication campaign.

If you know who your audience is and you are clear on step one, inviting the right people, then you can craft compelling and engaging brand communications that directly appeal to them. Use those marketing communications to encourage attendance and to begin building meaningful connections.

Step 3 - Deliver a stand-out experience.

The aim is to resonate with your audience and provide them with talking points that will ensure that you’re etched on their brain long after the event has finished. Whether that’s amazing food, an engaging guest speaker or a knock out interactive stand design, at Glass Shed Stand Exhibition Design London, we can help you deliver an extraordinary brand experience.

Step 4 - Strategies to encourage attendance.

The best looking stand on the conference floor, stocked with your clients favourite tea and biscuits is no good if they never turn up. Besides those well crafted and highly targeting pre-event marketing communications we’ve recommended, it’s also worth considering introducing a special show discount or limited time specific offer to encourage attendance.

Step 5 - Crucially, don’t forget to collect client data.

Don’t waste the opportunity to collect valuable customer data. Events are the perfect opportunity for information gathering. Consider running surveys and live questionnaires so that you can find out more about their problems, preferences, likes and dislikes. This kind of valuable data can provide real insights that you can subsequently use to target prospects and incorporate into your next marketing campaign or brand event.