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Glass Shed - Putting Your Brand On A Pedestal

exhibition stand design London

In an ever increasingly competitive and commercially orientated world, standing out, conveying your message and capturing the imagination of prospective clients and customers is of paramount importance. Exhibitions are a prevalent tool that more and more companies are affording more focus, time and resources on as they identify them as pivotal occasions in which to expand their networks. Companies are seizing the opportunities that exhibitions afford them in order to utilise them as vehicles to help bring tangibility and awareness to their products and brands alike.

If you have a company with a product or service that you are proud of, then when you put it on display for the world to see, it should be put on a worthy pedestal, At Glass Shed we provide exhibition stand design in London.

Glass Shed, London-based expert creators of exhibition design stands, are on hand to help emphasise your brand, reinforce your USP's and celebrate your company amongst your peers and potential investors, distributors, customers and clients.

Experience Meets Innovation

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, Glass Shed endeavour to encapsulate your company’s values and existing branding to create a continuation of them in the form of innovative bespoke exhibition stands, designed to help your product or service stand out from the crowded marketplace.

Based in London, the epicentre of some of the world’s most prominent exhibitions and venues, Glass Shed have a Global reach, having created their bespoke exhibition design stands for clients and venues across the world.

Special Service For Special Occasions

Whether its subtle synergy you want in your custom made platform or plinth, or a more elaborate and quirky eye-catching structure, Glass Shed will make sure your unique stand and your brand marry together efficiently in order to make sure your message is suitably conspicuous.

Glass Shed’s innovative solutions are conceived through thinking outside the box by devising ergonomic and unique structures to help compliment your brand. Offering full design to installation services, drawing upon their designers, builders and project managers, Glass Shed don’t just want to create simple perfunctory platforms, they aim to create durable and stylish extensions of your product.

You will find that passion and professionalism are virtues that every member of the Glass Shed team embody, as they aim to help convey your message to a wider audience.

Get in touch today to see how we can help bring your idea to life!