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Exhibition Stand Design in London -Sourcing Royalty Free Images and Icons

At Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London we're all about creating original and bespoke exhibition stands, full of creative flair, designed to capture your brand's individuality and personality. As a full service exhibition design company with upwards of 30 years of experience and a clutch of domestic and international awards under our belt, we're experts at visually conceptualising and custom creating a stand that wonderfully brings your vision to life.

A Visual Helping Hand

For all your other non-stand related marketing and design activity where Glass Shed Stand Design in London aren't actively involved, we still want to ensure that you're on the fast track to success. If you're not an illustrator, photographer, or graphic designer by profession, then having access to royalty-free images and associated icons for your marketing activity is crucial.

Visual Content Gets Processed At Lightning Speed

It's vital to create captivating and compelling content. 90% of all information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual and this content is processed 60,000 x faster than written text. Not only that, but it's social-media ready and therefore immediately sharable as well as being easily palatable and engaging. Data from Google trends backs this up, indicating that there has been a consistent year on year rise in the demand for royalty free images here in the UK. The trend has spawned a whole host of websites but are they any good?

What Can Royalty-Free Imagery Be Used For

Amongst other things, you can use imagery and icons for:

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Display Stand Design

  • Infographic Design

  • Email Marketing

  • Web Design

  • Landing Page Design

  • Video Marketing

  • Graphic Design

Whether you're creating compelling visual content for your Instagram posts to stand out from the competition or trying to pick out a set of funky vectors that you'd like Glass Shed Stand Exhibition Design in London to incorporate into your next stand design, knowing which Royalty-Free image providers you can go to as an additional resource for copyright free icons, images and videos could end up saving you time and money.

Our Top Pick of Royalty-Free Image Providers

These are just some of our favourite image sites here at Glass Shed.


Excellent source of free stock photography with full access to an extensive collection of multi-purpose open to use images. We love this site because it features a powerful search function but it also provides the option to display the palette colours used in each image which is perfect if you're creating interesting Instagram grids or you have a strict set of branding guidelines to adhere to.


One of the largest providers of copyright free images with up to 100 unique photographs being uploaded daily. You should always be able to find a diverse range of images for commercial use. There are user friendly search functions, trending photos in case you require some quick inspiration plus a photography leaderboard which might be a bit "gamey" but it does help you fast track towards popular profiles.


With over a million stunning high quality videos and images shared by a talented global pool of creatives, this is often the first destination site for designers and marketers looking for good quality complimentary photos to accompany their campaigns. It features a powerful on site search function so you can filter to your heart's content and quickly grab images perfect for you. You can copy, modify as well as distribute and use all the photos without permissions and zero attributions. Although these are always appreciated, which is very much the case with all these sites.

Startup Stock Photos

A little more niche in that it specialises in providing tech startup and in-situ business photos but if you are operating in that business sector, finding commerce focused and authentic images can be challenging so this is a great resource. There's sadly no search function, just an infinite scroller, so it might be some time before you hit upon the image that's right for you.


Fantastic source of free usable images supplied by a global creative pool of talent. Described as the world's generous community of photographers because they all give away their fabulous photos for free. The collection is continually growing, aesthetically pleasing and always in high resolution so perfect for a wide range of marketing applications. It's also easy to navigate with a search bar that you can add keywords to.

Our Top Pick of Royalty-Free Icon Providers

If it's vectors and icons you need to create interesting infographics then again, there are a couple of excellent options out there. We've selected one that you might want to bookmark for your own purposes.

Icon Finder

OK, so they're not all free to use and you might find it useful to grab one of their monthly plans but there is a wide range of free vector icons on offer. Infographics are especially helpful when creating B2B marketing campaigns, getting across complex messaging in a simple visual manner. Styles include hand-drawn, 3D and badge designs.

Final Thoughts

If you're stuck for creative ideas and are looking for design inspiration, these sites can help you pull together innovative mood boards, with ideas of themes, colour palettes and specific imagery. We will then work with you at Glass Shed Stand Exhibition Design in London, turning that vision into a reality with one of our beautiful bespoke stand designs. Get in touch today for more information on our range of exhibition stand design services.