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Exhibition Stand Design in London - A good time to make an exhibition of yourself.

Exhibition Stand Design in London

We understand that exhibiting costs both time and money, so if you’re going to do it, do it right! Here are Glass Shed exhibition stand design London we’re about so much more than designing and building your exhibition stand. We also want to better enable you to set your stall out for success.

That’s why we’re great advocates of the fact that you should make an exhibition of yourself! In the competitive world of the trade show floor, there’s no room for shrinking violets.

So how do you successfully sell on your exhibition stand?

Well, we’re glad you asked as we have five top industry tips to share with you today that will help fast track your trade show success. These are all tired and tested strategies that clients of Glass Shed exhibition stand design London have successfully implemented.

1. Get started with your promotional activity early

Don’t be tempted to leave the promotion of your attendance at a show till the last minute. You’ll notice that all the biggest and most successful brands are often promoting their next exhibition literally the minute they’ve closed the doors on their last show. They’ve scheduled the subsequent marketing communication to go out even while their exhibition stand is in transit back to base for safe storage.

2. Send out save the dates e-mails.

Begin building communication with your mailing list steadily and regularly so that you always remain in the forefront of their minds. Send out customisable e-mail blasts to your target audience and make sure you always use a branded e-mail signature so that your brand is etched into their consciousness with each and every communication that you deliver.

3. Work on your relationships with the show organisers and trade press

We’re not talking about paying for advertising, but instead, how about you consider creating a thought provoking blog piece for their website. All businesses love to share new and interesting content and the trade press, in particular, is always looking for news about product launches and rebrands, especially if they’re being given an exclusive scoop ahead of the show.

4. Book appointments in advance with key hosted buyers

Don’t miss out on seeing those crucial buyers. If you already have a list of qualified customers that you want to engage with, then make sure you pre book appointments with them prior to the event. Their diaries are likely to get booked up well ahead of schedule so reach out and organise that appointment as early as possible.

5. Make sure you interact genuinely and engage with your visitors at all times

The biggest mistake you can make is to not engage authentically with your stand visitors, worse still, allow them to wonder by unacknowledged. Try and position yourself strategically on your stand so that you can comfortably and confidently engage with your guests and consider preparing a couple of friendly and genuine openers that will put you both at ease.