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Exhibition Stand Design London - what type of stand does my business need?

Exhibition Stand Design London

Here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London, we offer a fully comprehensive exhibition design service. So whether you want a custom made bespoke stand, a lightweight and straightforward folding stand or merely require literature racks and dispensers, we have the solution for you. Even if it’s never been done before, we can create it! We understand that exhibition stand design might seem like a complex and challenging business, but we live and breathe it and our number one priority is to make the process as seamless as possible for you!

Shell scheme versus Space scheme

Your first consideration is probably going to be whether you book “shell-scheme” or “space-scheme.”

Shell scheme is more expensive as this comes with essential elements included such as carpet, structural walls and framework as well as a small electrics package. These type of spaces are typically smaller, especially height-wise so do have obvious restrictions in terms of the creativity and impact you can achieve.

With a space scheme, the cost per square metre will be cheaper and you should have the option to build up much higher; however, you will require a contractor to supply everything, from flooring to electrics to the stand walls and structure. This type of solution provides plenty of scope to create a truly bespoke and creative exhibition stand that reinforces your brand values and positioning.

What type of stand do I need?

If you’re not sure what type of stand your business needs, or come to think of it what options you even have available, then we’re on hand to offer our years of experience, expertise and creativity and guide you through the process. Depending upon the size, type and location of the trade shows and conferences you attend will dictate the style of stand design and any specific equipment you require.

At Exhibition Stand Design London, we advocate the clear advantages of bespoke design and excel at producing flexible and bespoke, custom-designed stands to a range of budgets and configurations.

Of course, that’s not your only choice when it comes to exhibition stands, so let’s quickly take a look at the key stand design types commonly offered.

Bespoke exhibition stands

Designed and built specifically to your requirements, only bu choosing a bespoke exhibition stand, do you enjoy the pure creative freedom of expression, virtually without limits. There are no rules to adhere to, save perhaps restrictions on the overhead height space allowable and no regimented components that you need to be constrained by. Custom designed stands can be incredibly eye-catching, totally on-brand, deliver an immersive experience and ensure you absolutely stand out from the crowd.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular stands are generally made from aluminum-framed structures to which foamex printed graphic panels or fabric can be added. You have the flexibility to grow and expand upon the base structure of your stand, adding on modular elements according to your requirements. Your aluminum framework can also feature LED lighting. They’re relatively inexpensive and should be able to stand repeated use but they do have limitations in terms of customisation and maybe lacking that overall wow factor your business is looking to achieve.

Pop-Up exhibition display systems

This is a compact and temporary, portable solution, designed for smaller exhibition spaces with the benefit of being quickly erected. These types of stands are usually only intended for use within a shell scheme exhibition space. They offer a more economical solution and can still be branded with beautiful graphic wraps and creative designs.