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Exhibition Stand Trends You Need To Watch in 2020

Exhibition Stand Design in London

Here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London, we feel it's our duty to keep your finger firmly on the pulse of what's happening in the industry at large. Last year we made some predictions about what trends would be taking over the exhibition stand business, and we're about to put our stake in the sand with our 2020 predictions. Yet again this year, hundreds of thousands of people will line up to attend shows and exhibitions globally. While the tendency might be for many exhibitors to focus on tech and serving up the latest gimmicks, Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design believes you should have a far more customer-centric approach and focus on comfort and customer experience. If you want to attract and retain customers this year in what is set to be a busy calendar of events, make sure you provide your visitors with ample space and opportunity to stop and soak up the environment.

The Comfort Factor

You must design a stand with comfort in mind. That way, when a potential new customer crosses your path, they're likely to be far more receptive and engaged with whatever it is that you're showcasing. Providing them with a relaxing spot to take the weight of their feet and unwind for a few minutes, also offers your sales team a chance to engage with them in a more meaningful discussion about your service offer or product.

Always Keep Your Customer In Mind

Any good exhibition stand design caters to the needs of the clients' customers and not just the client themselves. Over 71% of SMEs acknowledge that new business is won in a face to face networking environment, so what better place to convert leads than on the exhibition or trade show floor? Whenever we work on a new brief for an exhibition stand here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London, we keep it customer-centric. Your customers wants, and needs should be included in every aspect of the design. We recommend using visualisation maps to outline the customer journey. Think about important touchpoints that they'll interact with and ensure your stand is adequately interactive and leaves a solid brand imprint on the minds of your visitors way after they've left your stand.

Consider Your Stand As Your Calling Card

Your stand needs to have an immediate impact and instantly resonate and connect with your customs. It should convey all the right brand messaging and draw the eye seamlessly towards all the primary touchpoints. You need to have a visual strategy in place that guides your visitors fluidly around your stand, immersing them with succinct but memorable information that reinforces your brand. In a competitive and cluttered marketplace, clarity is critical, so use your stand as a business card that leaves both an immediate and lasting impression.

Social Media Inclusivity

Your stand is the first point of visual contact any client will have with your brand on the day, but if you want to reach out and extend that contact in any meaningful way, that's where the power of social media comes into play. Social media is predicted to have an even more significant part to play in lead follow-up during 2020. So don't forget to promote all your social media handles as part of your exhibition stand design strategy.

Use Of VR

This was a trend that exploded onto the scene in 2019 and is set to extend its prominence in 2020. We live in an interactive world, and there's no better way of providing your clients with a snapshot of your services than to deliver this in a virtual environment. It makes for a much more memorable and immersive experience, plus VR takes up minimal space, meaning you can be more creative with your overall stand design. VR can simultaneously be both creative and educational. It delivers a fast-paced and immersive experience, and best of all is a highly effective away of brining your company vision to life for more people to see.

Event Live Streaming

Exhibitions are limited-time events that can only attract a certain number of attendees. External events can have a limiting effect on who physically makes if through the front door. So why not also consider the people who couldn't make the event in person by live-streaming the event? Streaming technology has come on leaps and bounds, and we predict that 2020 will be the year it explodes onto the screen. With that in mind, it's vital you talk to a company like Glass Shed about how to build your stand with this element in mind. We can factor in considerations such as best lighting, camera angles, and presenting your stand in the best way on camera to ensure that your stand is shown in the best possible way. Both in the flesh and also when it's being captured via a live streaming event.

From initial blueprints and designs through to physical stand designs, our expert team of bespoke stand exhibition designers will be with your every step of the way. We'd love to help you realise your 2020 goals, so call us today and let us put you firmly on the map this year.