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How Do You Create A Sustainable Exhibition Stand?

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With the news dominated by the stories about climate change and the impact that pretty much every industry has on the environment, it’s important that you also do your part to minimise waste and reduce your carbon footprint. If they’re not handled correctly, events themselves can take their toll on the environment, producing a staggering amount of waste. Everything from discarded packaging, to marketing collateral and single-use plastic. More and more businesses, just like Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London, are striving to do their bit by reducing their overall environmental impact and encouraging their clients to adopt a similar policy.

Exhibitions are an opportunity to showcase and promote your company in a positive light, providing a highly visible platform that can be used to demonstrate your eco-friendly stance and attitude towards sustainability. At Glass Shed Design Exhibition Stand London, not only can we produce a stand for you that attracts customers and new clients, but also one that reinforces your brand values and improves your public image. So how do you create a sustainable exhibition stand that’s as eco-friendly as possible?

Invest in quality and choose a stand that’s designed to last

It used to be the case that exhibition stands were created for one-off use, designed to be used at a particular event only. Many a stand has been thrown into a skip rather than being recycled at a future event. Thankfully these days, perceptions and expectations have switched, and clients are savvier than ever before about sustainability. They want a stand that’s designed to last and which has been purposefully designed with multiple uses in mind. That’s one of the reasons why we’re such huge advocates at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design In London for producing bespoke stands. Bespoke stands are versatile, flexible, more individual and can be produced more sustainably. Though the careful and considerate selection of high-quality and durable materials, we work together with our clients to build highly creative and imaginative stands that minimise waste and save you money in the long run.

Just because you’re investing in something that’s built to last, doesn’t mean that you can switch it up from time to time. You can still give your stand a refresh and update its appearance by merely interchanging graphics, replacing furniture, or adding in new features for particular events. If you care about your company’s carbon footprint, then bespoke is an excellent way to go.

Ditch the printed materials

Do you need reams of brochures, leaflets, and flyers that will probably end up strewn across the event floor or dumped in a bin at the end of the show? We urge you to carefully consider what your attendees need. Could you send them digital brochures after the show and capture their e-mail addresses on a tablet? Cutting out paper and clearing away clutter will help you to present a much cleaner and pristine image, and your attendees will most likely thank you too for not burdening them with yet another brochure that they have to carry around the exhibition hall.

Work with your stand designer to make informed decisions about materials.

Wherever possible, we’ll work with you to make greener decisions when it comes to designing your stand. Choosing recycled plastics, papers, and materials over non-recyclable ones where practical. Small changes can help to provide a big impact. Simple things like choosing mixed fibre recyclable carpets for flooring or reusable carpet tiles make a difference. Also, consider the energy efficiency of your stand and limit non-essential use of electricity. We’re also advocates of working with local, reputable companies and sources, especially those with sustainable accreditations, and shopping local to improve your carbon footprint.

If you’re passionate about your business and the environment, then get in touch with us today. We’ll design and build a stand for you that’s eco-friendly, delivering longevity, durability, and versatility, and is something that you will be proud to put your company name on.