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How to Design an Amazing Exhibition Stand

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No matter what business you are in, if you want to gain traction, you need to stand out from the crowd. A strong impression is the best impression and to do that, you need to create a distinctive and visually compelling statement.

Creating a strong first impression.

Designing a stand that has that wow factor to get you noticed can be a complex and daunting process. You need a design that is instantly recognisable resonates directly with your overall brand strategy and creates a strong first impression. That’s precisely what Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London excels in delivering.

Even if your company is already well established and recognised within the industry for producing a superior product or service, if your stand fails to meet expectations and isn’t visually engaging, you might as well send your customers across to your competitor. It really is that straight forward.

So how can you ensure that you stand out in a crowded environment?

Well, you can of course work with Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London and take advantage of our award-winning design service. However, if you’re looking for some practical advice, we’ve collated our top ten exhibition stand design tips so read on to discover more.

1. Set out your goals

Get clear on your messaging and the company values you wish to convey before you even begin with your designs.

2. Ensure you maximise the space available

You may be restricted either by budget or by space so utilise every inch of your stand and ensure it’s been designed to deliver maximum scope and impact.

3. Raise the ceiling

Check the maximum allowable headspace. It might well be that you can raise the roof and design something taller rather than wider.

4. Sometimes less really is more.

Be strategic with your signage and any copy displayed. Use large, easy to read fonts and keep your message short, sweet and always on brand.

5. It’s all about good lighting.

Lighting can be used to great advantage to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your stand. It can be used to create ambience and atmosphere and subliminally angled to entice visitors your way.

6. A picture paints a thousand words.

Consider the use of bold and highly attractive images. Graphics are an excellent way of creating powerful statements.

7. Experiment with the use of materials.

The materials you choose in your design can really help set it apart from the competition while reinforcing your brand ethos. Use contemporary chrome detailing if you’re in the tech industry or sleek moulded plastics for a clean and modern clinical look befitting of the medical industry.

8. Get tech savvy.

From product demos to interactive displays. Tech plays such a massive part in our everyday life, so it makes sense to incorporate it in your stand design. The more interactive, the better. It will encourage your visitors to engage and participate better with your stand and increase dwell times.

9. Create an atmosphere.

We’re all attracted by a positive atmosphere and experience. From light and sound to colour and texture, the more senses you attract and engage, the more your stand will grab attention and cut through the chatter of the competition.

10. Engage with your target audience.

Finally, ensure that your stand design appeals directly to your target audience. Always have them at the back, middle and front of your mind and central to your design. All the bells and whistles in the world are redundant if you’ve neglected what your audience needs.

Take these top ten tips into consideration before you go ahead and start on your exhibition stand sign or better still, get in touch with us today at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London for a complimentary no obligation quote.