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How to Pick the Perfect theme for Your Exhibition Stand

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Exhibition Stand Design in London.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re designing and building an exhibition stand. Having a great theme is just one of them. If you are opting for a custom exhibit it’s especially important that you consider implementing a theme that adds tangible value to your visitor’s experience. This is your chance to really impress.

A clever and creative theme can ensure your company is truly memorable long after the conference or exhibition is over, staying in the minds of your attendees for days and weeks to follow. It’s little surprise then that approximately 71% of all event planners, choose to incorporate a theme into their events in a concerted effort to create a positive event experience for their visitors and clients. Brand experience is more important than ever before in what is an increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace.

Choosing the right theme for your bespoke stand display is about more than selecting what colours and textures you prefer. Although that’s a good starting point. It involves thought and analysis as well as a good deal of creativity and original thinking. Luckily, that’s something we don’t just excel at, but that we actively relish here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London.

Freedom of Creativity without Constraints

Our favourite projects are bespoke exhibition stands where there are no strict rules to adhere to, no fixed list of components that need to be incorporated but instead, where our creative flair and imagination can be unleashed. If you’re looking for an exhibition stand design in London company with a track record of excellence and innovation, then look no further than Glass Shed.

Before you go ahead and book in a no quibble consultation with one of our team of expert designers, below we’ve listed out our top tips when it comes to selecting the perfect theme for you. While we make it our business to understand your overall marketing objectives so that we can create the most beautiful, on-brand, bespoke exhibition stand for you, there are two major considerations.

Key Considerations when Choosing a Theme

Design a Theme that Compliments your Existing Branding

Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London are specialists in the field of exhibition stand design. From initial drawings to 3D renders, stand graphics to the choice of furniture. Our objective is to build a creative three-dimensional space that perfectly reflects your brand ethos and positioning.

To do that, we need to get under the skin of your business so that we can ensure your theme and brand blend together seamlessly in a completely natural and cohesive way. Telling a brand story that delivers an immersive experience for your visitors and positions them at the heart of the process. That’s why we pride creativity as one of our greatest assets and ensure that it flows through your theme from inception through to final installation.

Analyse and Understand the Event Space

There’s no point even implementing a theme if it’s not clearly visible and recognisable. To do that, we need to understand more about the event space, the flow of traffic, and what total space is at our disposal to plan and play with.

It’s important that no matter what route a customer takes to approach your exhibit, it clearly and proudly stands out from the crowd. Your theme should be visible from their first glimpse of your stand, which is most likely to be as they’re walking down the aisle.

The ultimate goal is that we stop them in their tracks. Delivering the wow factor from all angles so that they’re compelled to either stop to find out more or, walk away and definitely commit to coming back around once they’ve completed their initial exhibition floor “sweep”.

Our design team love nothing more than to create “stand-out” displays. Pulling together a theme that’s so effective that it can showcase your brand even from a distance. If you’re looking for something that impressive but at the same time functional, we can help you pick the perfect theme for your next exhibition stand.

We’d love you to check out some of our Case Studies. We’ve worked on projects around the globe from the UK to Europe and over the pond in the USA. So go ahead and get in touch with us today.