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Show-Stopping Exhibition Stand Design Ideas That Work

Exhibition Stand Design in London

At Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London, we know exactly what it takes to create a show-stopping exhibition stand. One that ensures all eyes are on you and your brand. We love nothing better than thinking outside of the box. Maximising our team’s creative talent to help you stand out from the crowd.

While you shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to budget, you needn’t spend a fortune either. Bespoke is best but there’s so much scope within any design brief to push the boundaries of what’s achievable.

Be Prepared to Think Outside the Box

Sometimes small can be just as beautiful. For other brands injecting a realistic feel into their design might work best. Perhaps you prefer to go with a flexible solution? With our Exhibition Stand Design in London service, no project is too small or too ambitious. We’ll work with you every step of the way, pulling out all the stops, to create something that’s sustainable and stunning and helps you achieve your show objectives.

Amazing Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Let’s take a look at some design ideas that work well.

Flexible Stand Solution

Building a stand is an investment so it makes sense that you might want an adaptable solution that you can re-use and re-purpose in the future. Incorporating elements that can be added, removed and modified to suit different sized stands and layouts might be something you want to consider. Think about incorporating one design that works across various size scenarios.

2D, 3D and 4D Elements

Signage is important, especially strategic use of graphic banners and large screens, but more tangible 2D, 3D and even 4D elements can really help communicate your brand messaging. By focusing on the decor, placement and use of furniture etc, you can create a more welcoming and memorable visitor experience. Think about providing comfortable seating areas, attractive displays and incorporate shelving units and a counter for meet and greet purposes.

Colour Themed Stand Exhibition Designs

By incorporating bold colours, you can really stand out from the crowd. At Exhibition Stand Design in London, we recommend a maximum of three core colours so that your stand doesn’t look overly busy. It’s important to seamlessly blend any design with your existing branding so as not to dilute, but rather enhance, the impact of your finished stand design. Avoid the temptation to use too many images and instead, choose a small selection of striking and relevant images that can deliver that real wow factor and make an instantaneous impression.

Digital Stand Displays

We recommend incorporating at least one digital screen. That way, you can very quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently, update any message you wish to communicate with your clients. By investing in an LED wall, you can regularly update your marketing messaging without having to spend additional budget on new banners. Moving images are also far more eye-catching and will encourage visitors to stop and pause to watch as they’re walking past. You can also use the same screen to give a presentation too, encouraging longer dwell times.

Lighted Exhibition Stand Displays

Simply by using clever lighting, you can turn what would be an otherwise run of the mill stand, into a show-stopping one! By incorporating a few coloured LED’s you can completely transform the look and feel of your stand. Retro neon signs are a great way of grabbing attention, as are giant bulb letters, or strings of lights. Maybe even add a chandelier as a dramatic yet homely centrepiece or use standing lamps to create more ambience.

Those are just a few of the design ideas that we’ve successfully used in the past to help bring our clients exhibition stands to life. If you like the sound of any of those or want to discuss other creative ideas such as immersive, textured or interactive displays, then please get in touch with the team today.