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The Exhibition Stand Mistakes to Avoid

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Even the best laid out plans can sometimes go awry, especially if you’re working out of your comfort zone, picking up the mantle on a complicated project that you’re not necessarily adept at tackling, but you’re suitably motivated to have a crack at.

Unanticipated glitches are inevitable and its times like these that you’ll find out the hard way how important it is to have a contingency plan in place. Better still, you can avoid all these potential pitfalls by working from the start with a strong, highly skilled project management team, like Glass Shed Exhibition Design in London.

Overcoming hurdles doesn’t always need to be a cause for alarm, initiating a catastrophic chain of reactions! With this handy 6-Step guide from Glass Shed, you’ll be forearmed and forewarned, understanding what might possibly go wrong so you can avoid it in the first place.

1. An Ineffectual Layout

Don’t just focus on the design and attracting customers to your stand. Focus on their journey too. What will they encounter and how will they navigate your stand once you’ve secured their attention? The wrong layout can negatively impact this initial experience and result in a lack of conversion.

2. Inconsistent Branding and Marketing Materials

You’ve nailed the stand design but you’ve forgotten about the rest of your collateral and marketing materials. You’re missing a huge opportunity to reinforce your brand messaging if you don’t back it up with strong promotional materials. Give your customers something they can take home, not just the memory of how impressive your bespoke stand design was!

3. Badly Positioned Stand Placement

There’s no need to go all gung-ho and bag the biggest, more prominent plot but do ensure that the position works well with your overall stand design and don’t forget to take into account elements like lighting. Use your branding and signage strategically to attract optimum visibility.

4. A Lack Lustre Experience

Don’t just go through the motions. You’ve done the hard work to wow your visitors and entice them over to your stand, now make sure that you fully engage with them and make a positive lasting impression.

5. The Wrong Target Market

Don’t just think about what you want, think about what your customer wants and be laser-focused on who your target customer. That may well be broad, or it may be incredibly specific, but either way, get clear on that and put yourself into their mindset. Your stand design should create the appropriate ambiance and environment to engage with them. Your job is to be entirely relatable.

6. Uninspiring and Bland Design

No excuses! There is no place for a mediocre exhibition stand. Especially not if you’ve enlisted the support of Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London. It needn’t cost an absolute fortune, but make sure you build an enticing stand that will capture the imagination and attention of visitors and deliver a fully immersive and on-brand experience.

The key to achieving a successful exhibition stand design is to ask yourself a couple of critical questions;

  • Who are you looking to attract?

  • What do you think will entice those customers?

  • What are your overall aims and objective?

Bring the answers to those questions along with you to a consultation with Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London and leave the rest in our competent, capable and creative hands.