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The Exhibition Stand Trends You Need To Know About in 2019

Exhibition Stand Design London

We don't know about you, but here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London, we can hardly believe where the year has gone to! It's been a year packed full of design innovation and we've thoroughly enjoyed being able to put some of those trends into our clients' bespoke stand creations. We love turning your dream into a reality through the careful and considerate application of bespoke design strategies.

Since the year isn't quite yet over, we thought we'd have a quick look at some of the key conceptual ideas that have been integral to the exhibition planning process in 2019. We like to think that we're blazing the trail with our highly creative exhibition stand design service, offering a highly progressive and forward-thinking approach.

These are just some of our personal recommendations to enhance your stand.

Use Customer-Centric Design

2019 is all about the customer journey; from inception through to final execution. Every element and touchpoint should flow seamlessly, recounting a customer narrative. Step into your audiences' shoes for a few fleeting moments and see the world through their eyes. Imagine what it is they want, need and expect from your stand. Then work with us here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London as we bring those conceptual ideas to life. By putting the customer solidly at the heart and soul of your stand design, they can't fail but to be impressed!

Create A Multi-Sensory Experience

This year is about so much more than the usual three-dimensional space; captivating as that might be. It's about moving beyond the restrictions and limitations that dealing in just sight and sound can produce, opening up instead a whole new world of sensory exploration.

Embodying and capturing the essence of all fives senses through appealing to sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Whether that's through the use of atmospheric sounds, incorporating innovative textures and materials, or offering up some tasty titbits. Together we can create a truly multi-sensory experience that your visitors will never forget.

Use of VR

Sure to be a trend that will continue well beyond 2019, VR is becoming far more accessible and more exhibition stands than ever before are featuring this popular technology. It's easy to understand why, as it's so subversive and interactive and can help to entertain and educate your customers in a far more memorable way.

Creature Comforts

It can be tiring, hauling yourself around an exhibition floor all day. So why not go that one step further and create the ultimate relaxing space where your clients can kick back, recharge their phone battery and give themselves a quick reboot and refresh at the same time! Something as simple as a comfy place to sit and phone charging station will entice new customers over where you can indirectly engage with them through strategically positioned signage and branding.

Pay Attention To Use Of Lighting

Lighting is not a 2019 innovation, but we've seen it being used in hugely transformative and innovative ways this year to create ambience, intrigue, light and shade. We're confident that the trend towards the more complex and creative use of lighting will carry on into 2020.

These are just some of the trends that we've welcomed and incorporated here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design London so far this year. To read more top tips, follow our Blog or get in touch today to see how we can help you design your own truly vibrant, trailblazing and innovative exhibition stand.