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The Importance of Visual Content To Your Exhibition Stand Design

Visual content tells a fundamental story about your brand. From photographs and videos to icons and infographics, pictures speak a thousand words. That’s why at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London, we like to work with our clients to create truly stunning and bespoke exhibition stands that creatively reflect your core brand values, delivering significant visual impact.

Visual content is no new concept. We communicate with visuals, identifying with shapes and colours before we even learn the art of language. Children can recognise a green apple before they know they can utter the words. Our ancestors, the caveman, drew pictures on walls, leaving a legacy and passing down their knowledge for generations to come, all through the medium of visual, not audio content.

Interesting Statistics Enforcing Humans Visual Nature

1. Over half of the brain is devoted to processing visual information compared with just 3% dedicated to hearing and 8% to physical touch.

2. Humans can identify images at lightning speeds. Recognising something after just 13 milliseconds.

3. It’s widely recognised by educational experts in learning styles that 65% of humans are visual learners.

4. Research confirms that any form of presentation containing visuals aids is 43% more persuasive than those without them

Given that humans are visual by nature, is it any wonder that savvy marketeers and stand exhibitors are using this knowledge to their competitive and commercial advantage?

Another great advantage of visual content is that the same image communicates across language divides, crossing cultural and societal boundaries. The language of content is a global and totally inclusive one which is why it’s so important to always search for ways to market your product and services in new and innovative ways that demand immediate attention. It’s something we’re rather good at here at Glass Shed Exhibition Stand Design in London and we love getting creative with visuals and pushing the boundaries with our bespoke stand designs.

Social Media and Visual Content Formats

While we’re very much in the business of designing stands, we like to keep abreast of all the current trends in design innovation, keeping a watchful eye on what’s happening on social media where visual content plays such a pivotal role.

Did you know?

2 billion people are currently on Facebook, accessing single images, carousels of multiple pictures and videos created to tell your brand story.

There are also a further 600 million users of Instagram and counting, accessing their accounts multiple times per day and viewing again single pictures and videos.

Twitter has an active platform boasting 330 million users, sharing posters and images, as well as brand videos and blog posts.

Pinterest has 150 million users, searching photos, pinning posts to create boards for inspiration, more often than not, leading to physical purchasing actions.

Anything we create for your stand can be re-purposed for your digital media campaigns, ensuring a synergistic and creative flow across all marketing touchpoints with your customers and clients. To find out more about Glass Shed Exhibition Design Services in London, please get in touch today.